Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

It is a criterion that helps you develop a lifestyle that welcomes minimalism; motivates people to bring alternative rubbish disposal solutions to everyday life, and denies the ubiquitous disposable stuff that is everywhere in our society. This reduces the need for waste removal in North West London and saves you money.

Food generates trash too as well as providing sustenance, especially if a large amount of food belongs to a grocery store.

We know that jars and packaging are helpful and often necessary for keeping drinks and food fresh, but the plastic bags are a great nightmare for people who want to reduce their rubbish, as they thrown them away as soon as food meets the refrigerator.

A large portion of your weekly waste probably consists of the food packaging. It’s almost universal to go to a grocery store, and it’s something that we actually do about once a week. You can make an impact by using this easiest and biggest way. It doesn’t only consist on how you buy it, but also on what you buy.

You can reduce your ‘shopping footprint’, but more organisation and forethought are required in it than traditional shopping. You’ll be shocked to find out how firmly fixed your shopping habits are.

Go to the store prepared, with exact equipment, and prepare yourself for the task at hand, and you’ll definitely embrace yourself for it when you go home.

Here are the tips that you can use in your routine to reduce waste and save money on rubbish removal.

Shop once a week

It helps you save on gas and impulse shopping if you run all your errands on the same day with a list. Start with the furthest stop for maximum fuel efficiency.

Cloth Grocery Bags

Consider bringing about 2-3 cloth grocery bags with you to the store which will be enough for you and your family’s weekly grocery haul. You may require more depending on how often you shop and how big your family is. The bigger it is the bigger your waste disposal needs will be.

Cloth produce/Bulk Bags

The important items to refuse single use waste are cloth produce bags. They can be the key accessory for you to eliminate the majority of your shopping waste. You can use them for produce, baked goods, and items out of the bulk bins.

These cloth produce/bulk bags can be purchased from various online stores and you can also make them from raggedy clothing or scrap fabric, sheets, or curtains. Taking about 10 bags of various sizes with you to the store can be enough as you can keep a lot of your food into them.

Some people carry a charcoal pencil with them to note down pLUs on the bags, but you can use your memo app on your phone too.


There are a few wet items that you get while you shop including laundry soap, almond butter, peanut butter, dish soap, and oils. You transport goods home in these jars as they are an easy and air tight container.

You can also use these jars for baking components and spices that you need less such as cocoa powder and baking soda. But you should keep it in mind that you do not pay for the weight of the jar. If you want to avoid having to hire a rubbish clearance company to declutter your home you should reduce the amount of waste you accumulate.