Pinterest as a personal trainer

So, I can’t run…for the time being.

I’ve been having some nagging right shin/ankle/foot pain and have taken about a week off to see if that helps. I think it’s from switching to the Brooks PureConnect and then back to my old shoes, but we’ll see. The PureConnect is a great shoe, it just wasn’t for me.

Either way I figured a little time off would be beneficial. I knew I’d go a little stir crazy if I didn’t do anything, so I’ve been turning to one of my Pinterest boards for workout inspiration. I’ll usually do one of these workouts in the morning before work and then go for an hour (or so) long walk in the evenings. Cait and I have been hitting up spin classes at the gym too, which I’m really liking! I forgot how challenging they are…and suuuuuper sweaty! Plus sister time is the best :)

Here’s some of the workouts I’ve been loving from Pinterest

I’ve also had some extra time to do a little cooking and have discovered some great recipes from my favorite bloggers. Here’s a few:

I usually use Recipage to find lots of good recipes from all over the blogosphere. Such an awesome, awesome resource!

Have you ever been injured? Do you get antsy if you can’t exercise too? Have you ever checked out Recipage?