tasty thursday

Senior year of high school, my sister and I started a little tradition with some of our buddies. You see, all of the seniors had “open lunch” which basically meant we could leave and get lunch out, as long as we were back in time for afternoon classes to start. We didn’t go out every day, but we started a little tradition called “Tasty Thursday” where we’d try something new (and of course delicious) every Thursday with our friends. It usually involved dessert or California Pizza Kitchen. Usually dessert ;) I miss that! I started this Thursday with a 5 mile run around my neighborhood to test out the new kicks. It felt good to be back in the Nimbuses but my left big toe went numb about 3 miles in? Does that make any sense? Still a good run though.

7:45 am: After finally finishing packing for Philly and getting ready for work, I indulged in a breakfast cookie. I had some clean up to do after baking the night before and well, I decided a breakfast cookie was in order. Not the healthiest choice, but I reeeeally wanted to try one since I had resisted eating the finished product last night. Omg, they were delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever tried one of Jenna’s recipes I didn’t like! It was Tasty Thursday after all!

8:15 am: Had some coffee once I got situated at work. Yes, 3 cups. I’m thinking I need to cut back and make two cups my limit. Possible goal for September? We’ll see.

10:30 am: My hunger resurfaced so I grabbed a plain Greek yogurt and added some NuNaturals orange stevia drops for a little punch of flavor.

12:00 pm: I grabbed a BBQ chicken salad from Panera at lunch. Apple on the side.

Grabbed a PureProtein bar in the car for the road.

6:45 PM: Met Joe for dinner at Whole Foods near his house. Grabbed a snack while I waited for him to get there. Traffic was better than I thought! Really didn’t eat very much of the chocolate at all.

7:00 PM: Hot bar!

8:00 PM: After walking around and seeing all the delicious stuff in the bakery, we grabbed a few to sample. I had a salted caramel cupcake and a few pieces of cookies. Sugar hiiiiigh!

Definitely felt icky from all the extra sugar, but plan to clean it up today! And sweat a lot since I have the whole day to do whatever I want. Love days off. Keep me accountable!! :) I’m off to run.

Have a good day!