Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

It is a criterion that helps you develop a lifestyle that welcomes minimalism; motivates people to bring alternative rubbish disposal solutions to everyday life, and denies the ubiquitous disposable stuff that is everywhere in our society. This reduces the need for waste removal in North West London and saves you money.

Food generates trash too as well as providing sustenance, especially if a large amount of food belongs to a grocery store.

We know that jars and packaging are helpful and often necessary for keeping drinks and food fresh, but the plastic bags are a great nightmare for people who want to reduce their rubbish, as they thrown them away as soon as food meets the refrigerator.

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tasty thursday

Senior year of high school, my sister and I started a little tradition with some of our buddies. You see, all of the seniors had “open lunch” which basically meant we could leave and get lunch out, as long as we were back in time for afternoon classes to start. We didn’t go out every day, but we started a little tradition called “Tasty Thursday” where we’d try something new (and of course delicious) every Thursday with our friends. It usually involved dessert or California Pizza Kitchen. Usually dessert ;) I miss that! I started this Thursday with a 5 mile run around my neighborhood to test out the new kicks. It felt good to be back in the Nimbuses but my left big toe went numb about 3 miles in? Does that make any sense? Still a good run though. Continue reading

it’s go time!

While you’re reading this, I’m off running the Pike’s Peek 10k, which is the goal race for the Speed Development Program I participated in through the Montgomery County Road Runners Club! Cait decided at the last minute to race too, so I’ll have my running buddy with me :) Continue reading